Shawn Thornton
Has Said

Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton says many things.
These are a few of them.

- March 1 -

“I’m glad it looks that way, because it sure doesn’t feel that way.”

Shawn Thornton, on it looking as though he gets stronger as a long fight goes on
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- February 3 -

“It’s simple: show up.”

Shawn Thornton, after loss to Carolina on what the Bruins can do differently
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- January 12 -

“Sometimes my wires touch, and I don’t really remember things.”

Shawn Thornton, on what he yelled from the penalty box
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- January 11 -

“Not while I’m here.”

Shawn Thornton, responding to Alain Vigneault saying Brad Marchand is “going to get it”
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- January 10 -

“I’ll still talk to him, I guess.”

Shawn Thornton, on dropping gloves with former teammate Mark Stuart
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- January 9 -

“I was surprised I could stand up that long with six guys on my back.”

Shawn Thornton, on the Canucks’ six-man dogpile
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- January 6 -

“Ice on my hand is a lot better than having it up to one of my cheeks.”

Shawn Thornton
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- January 5 -

“More than once I’ve beat him. When he was in his prime, I was beating him- I’m just saying.”

Shawn Thornton, on scoring on Martin Brodeur last night
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- June 20 -

“Charlestown wears my jersey. Young girls wear Seguin’s jerseys, we figured that much out. I’m assuming people with a screw loose wear Marchand jerseys. I don’t know why you’d wear that thing.”

Shawn Thornton
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“Unbelievable turnout. I didn’t know that many people lived in Boston.”

Shawn Thornton, on the record-breaking Stanley Cup parade
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- June 18 -

“So far so good. Kind of blurry, I’m not going to lie to you.”

Shawn Thornton, on what victory has felt like
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- June 17 -

“No such thing this time of year. I’ll be tired a week from now.”

Shawn Thornton, on whether he was tired before Game 7
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- June 16 -

“Suck it, Felger.”

Shawn Thornton
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- April 18 -

“You’ve got to remember that our best player is 6-foot-9, 270-pounds and he’s probably the toughest guy in the league. So I’m not too worried about babysitting him.”

Shawn Thornton, on having to stand up for Zdeno Chara
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- April 15 -

“No one talks about the style of the two teams. Whoever puts more pucks in the net wins.”

Shawn Thornton
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